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Vanessa Wilkins

Fitness Mentor & Public Speaker

Fitness enthusiasts subscribe to become one of my Power Posse or get the support and tools you need to become a world-class fitness leader. Learn more by exploring the site. 

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About Vanessa

Live a life on Fire

As an industry vet, fitness leader, and mentor, I have found that health and wellness are more than sexy buns and biceps  (although these are great bi-products). True health and wellness are reflected when we are living optimally. Strength and endurance are just the beginning. Quality of life is the goal!

I am not your everyday coach. With a clear in your face "tell-it like- it- is" approach, I keep it real.

For those who become part of my Power Posse, you will receive fitness tips and links to classes, events, and workshops to get you stronger, lean, pain free, and healthy. 

for those that "get it" and know that sometimes we just need a dose of positivity or silliness to keep us inspired, I have included ways for us to connect. Join me for heartfelt talks and shenanigans on our Podcast, or flip through pages of erica Magazine to get a dose of inspiration. 

Hire me as your fitness mentor, coach, or invite me to speak and get you fired up. Together let's live a life healthy and on fire.

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- Happiness, Health, & Fire

Your Fitness Sister


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August 2020

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Vinyasa Flow

Mon 8:30am

Gentle Flow

Tues/ Thurs 11:00am

Glutes & Core

Wed 8:30am

SoulBody Barre 

Fri  8:00am &  9:30am Sun

Kick Ass Core

On RecessTV


We are a free, grassroots, world community-driven magazine inspired by YOU. Your projects, your side hustles, your positivity inspires and motivates us. We exist to pass that magic around the world. We feature stories, articles, blogs, products, and services that can be accessible to the world in hopes of spreading the love.

 erica Magazine


My biggest successes have been facilitating growth in others.  My gift to this industry is growing other fitness professionals to be top-notch leaders - This is my legacy. I am bursting at the seems to share it with you. Let me help you avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that might stump your growth. Let’s rocket launch your career and facilitate you to find your unique niche/edge while polishing your coaching and professional skills.

Talent Development System


Join me and my host, comedian Sergio Novoa on My Limited View Podcast. As a co-host, I help to uncover stories to draw us closer to one another. We invite you to laugh and cry with us - We are more alike than you can imagine. The idea behind the podcast is that our world view is often limited by our own journeys.  In hopes of evolving, we share stories to expand our view. This podcast is raw, unapologetic, and nothing is too taboo. We all have a story. What's yours?

My Limited View

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Take the 30 Day Challenge

Just 7 minutes a Day

Faster, Stronger, and limber. This 7minute workout challenge will make you simply  Unbreakable.

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