Vanessa Wilkins

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Dance like No One is Watching

Katie Markov and the team at Move Me Fit have added Body Boom to a list of great workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own home. This is a great opportunity to get "jiggy" with us, your two favorite "home-girls"  Kristina Milova & Vanessa Wilkins. 

We will continue to bring you relaxed, fun classes that break down choreography easily. We call it "stacking". This intro gives you a glimpse into our silly, fun, & effective way to move.  Honestly, who can do a body-roll or booty-shake without giggling or making fish lips in the mirror?  We believe our fun loving approach will help to get you loose and limber and ready to shake it. You will not be able to contain yourself  once the music starts.  Independent  local musicians ,world renowned artists, and DJ's  get the party started in this studio style fitness class.

If you have ever wanted to take a dance class with us,  have been to shy or just too busy, this may be just what the Dr. ordered.  Pull down the drapes, slap on the booty shorts, dig out the leg warmers, and dance like no-one is watching.